GN street racing in Spring Valley NY or Nanuet as i hear it called...anyone on here??


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May 28, 2001
just curious i have been hearing of a GN running around up in that area of NY. is it anyones car on here??
This is my area, I however do not street race. There have also been different people over the years and probably even currently that have fast GNs around here. There is a big ricer get together in Spring Valley (right at the Nanuet border) late on Sunday nights when the weather is good. I have gone a few times and have always been the only GN when I went there, but it's mainly a younger crowd/ricer thing. I don't go to that too much.
yeah thats the place im talking about i know a couple people that go out there and have run. the only reason i ask is that the word was there is some bad ass GN flying up there at that scene lately so i figured i would ask before i shoot up there to see the action.
I posted this on another BB ( but here's what I know supposedly its a 10 second car but cant confirm that I also heard it was running down here on the Hutchinson River Parkway near the Bronx border. I was out the other night with the Staged Regal and two young kids came up to me asked me if I wanted to race a Grand National the one that races on the Hutch I asked them what it had done to it the said oh its all stock its my friends car. I said ok I have a Grand National and I know for a fact if the guy wants to race its not stock. They walked away tried calling someone and jumped into some little rice mobile without saying a word to me :confused: not like I was going to street race and I especially was not going to beat on my car with less then 30 miles on the new motor and transmission I dont think its an urban legend since one of my friends saw it run on the Hutch and said it was damn quick . If you're bored you can see a post about it on under the web board I believe its the Spring Valley section
hey chris, if it was a couple of "black kids" one hispanic looking? I know them, i helped them out with their car. Trust me you dont want any from that car.......... if it was them.

Is your regal past the 500 mile mark? I wanna see that beast run
Oh yeah, thanks for the crossmember i had to push the frame rails apart cause of no weight in the car but i put it in solid mounted, looks great. How Did the hood come out? You got a steal on that even though it was better then the one you sold me

talk to you later
Well.....they definitely weren't talking about me. Just what I need a GN that obviously looks a lot like mine going all over the place tearing things up around here. Looks like I'll be pulled over some this year lol
Yea it was two negritos that came up to me (not being racial) my best friend is black gotta be the same ninos . I didnt put the hood on the car since the car is back in the shop again - I have to get some gauges put in it next I'm maybe up to 30 miles on the motor tops I dont know if I'm going to use the hood yet
next I have to get an air cleaner and like I said gauges then see how it goes . Also I have to figure out why the hell the damn car leans even after we did springs shocks and bushings :confused:
I know they couldnt do two bushings thats the only reason I can think of for the car leaning :confused:
I have drag shocks in the front, and new sensatracs in the back it sits fine on the street but with someone in the car its crooked
makes no sense