GNS LED issues

I just tried to install the LED backup lights. They go into the socket but won't tut to lock into place. Has anyone else had this problem?
I just tried to install the LED backup lights. They go into the socket but won't tut to lock into place. Has anyone else had this problem?
That was the exact same problem we had years ago when the manufacture first started selling them, the fix for them is using a Dremel tool to grind off the lip on the top portion of the bulb male socket so the bulb goes into the OEM female socket further. This is/was supposed to be done by the manufacture prior to you receiving your lights and if you contact them they will send you some new ones with that done. They must have received a shipment in and forgot to grind them down...

Their number is (856) 719-9989 ask for Mike or Ben
I have called Spaghetti Engineering like 5 times. They don't answer this number or the 800 number. Also there website is "suspended" hmmm? I wonder what's going on with them? I left several messages asking for a return call. No reply.
I have several LED's on each side that stay lit all the time. Key on/off doesn't change. What should I do?

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Hi Bill,

I apologize for first seeing this now and for the lack of communication on the manufactures part... I will do my very best to get this issue solved for you...

Please PM me your phone number today and I will begin first thing Tuesday...
I got a hold of the manufacture today regarding this issue with LED's staying lit and they informed me that they had a bad batch of boards that had soldering issues which causes some LED's to stay lit after the car is off.... If anyone has this problem please contact me Via " E-MAIL Only " and we will get your LED boards replaced....
Since I posted my original gripe on here I wanted to post a follow up. Scott from GNS took charge of this problem and contacted the manufacturer who then contacted me the same day. The person from Digi-tails sent me replacement tail lights at no charge. I received them today and hopefully will be able to install them soon. Thank U Scott (GNS) for taking care of this matter so quickly and professionally!

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Update... I'm putting spaghetti Engineering rears and fronts on my new GN and ran into issues where with the taillights would not work with the lights on as well as the blinker lights in the dash were on but dim. Tried adding 2 load resistors and the same. Did a quick search and it's been a few years and I forgot about the side marker led fix I posted. So I ran to Auto Zone and grabbed some Amber Sylvania super bright 194A bulbs and removed the load resistors and placed the leds in the front side marker lights (have to try plugging them in in both directions as they only work one way). And all works perfect. To recap I have the rear LED's the bumper light LED's, factory turn signal relay replaced with the LED turn signal low load flasher, side markers replaced with Sylvania 194A led bulbs and NO load resistors.