gnx 19


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Sep 24, 2010
I'm considering selling my GNX 19. I have not followed values for a long time. Mine has been sitting in the garage and i start it up a drive it every now and then. It has 4900 miles. All original except battery,grill and painted hood. Reggie Jackson was the first owner and i have a copy of the title for proof. I have a jacket and the supplemental manual. No original window sticker but i do have a reprint. With out tracking values or having photos yet just wondering if $65,000 is a reasonable price. I also have some toys that i purchased that would go with it. Any input would be appreciated.
There are plenty of guys who will stear you in the right direction!! This board is full of stand up guys! You picked a hell of a time to try and sell it. ,, But your car is worth what someone is willing to pay for it!!! Give it a few hrs... the guys on the board will give you some info and advice!!! GLWS!!
That’s funny!!!!!!!!!!, just 3 weeks ago I was looking at Reggie Jackson GNX # 12 that is parked in the Imperial Palace car museum and has been for some time. There are asking 95k for it. Unless you have the first one he bought that burnt to the ground :confused:

I wonder how many Reggie Jackson owned???
There was a guy in Brooklyn back in 2001 that bought a GNX from him with just a couple of thousand miles on it. Paid $45,000 he beat the piss out of the car and sold it for more a few years later during the start of the financial melt UP, OOP's I mean when the cars became worth what they should . LOL