GNX dash, Vigilante torques, tach


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Apr 17, 2010
GNX Style dash with VDO gauges bought from Nick Micale from Arizona GN. The 6 VDO black gauges are 0-160 MPH, 0-7000 RPM, 0-30 Boost, 0-80 Oil Pressure, 0-1/1 Fuel and 100-250 water temp. Also include are an oil pressure sensor and a dash bezel. If you don't have twilight sentential, I have the plate to block it off with Applique left side standard Kirban Part # 6967. $1000.00 plus shipping to continental US.




2 Precision Industries Vigilante torque converters. First one is # 30887P made in 2011, set up for 400HP 2600-2800 stall, 5 Disc lock up. Second one is # 65510P made in 2013, also set up for 400HP but a 2800 stall, 5 Disc lock up. Todd at Precision said that first torque is a bit of a tighter stall. To re-fresh these torque converters at Precision with new stalls runs $262.50 plus shipping. If you did this you would have a new torque converter for a little over half the price of a new one which costs $1025.00 plus tax and shipping. I'd be willing to ship to Precision for you instead of shipping to you and then you ship back out to Precision or you can use either torque converter as is, your call. Price is $500.00 for either one plus shipping to continental US.


I also have a ultra-lite sport-comp silver analog tachometer by AutoMeter #3781, 0-8000 RPM 3 3/4" face, with mounting bracket that is brand new, no box though. Summit price is $194.95 plus tax. I'm asking $150.00 plus shipping to continental US.



Lastly I have 2 black GN1 valve covers with filters on both. $250.00 for the pair plus shipping to continental US.
The dash looks to be an AVC (GNX Style) Dash.
I have the installation instructions should anyone wish to have them, LMK
These are pdf format which can be posted here.
Thanks for your reply if you want to you can send me the PDF and I will include it with the sale if I sell it because I never installed it in my car and maybe I will if it doesn't sell thank you
I've had a few GNX after mark dashes, currently an NVU one. I sold my AVC dash before installing one i got from Paul Castle that fit like shit. Wish I hadn't sold it the AVC It was my favorite by far. Paid $450 new back in the day.
Yes, thx for the reply. We'll see what i get for it but at least i know i got a good one!
Don't mean to hijack this thread....but wanted to share what I did,
I ended up selling the AVC housing and kept the VDO gauges and AVC Plug N play wiring harness & transplanted them into a reproduction GNX dash housing and bezel.


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@1KWIKSIX, that's a good idea for the future buyer of that AVC cluster. GNX cluster backplate, bezel, etc. can be had for $500 for so. considering a GNX dash with SW gauges is $2000, this AVC cluster looks like a good option for someone.

@Blacky, nice to offer shipping directly to Precision to refresh those converters. USPS rates go up Jan 27th - 10% for most shipping options.
kirban 2 cents worth

in the early days avc gnx style dash was the hot ticket and only option originally company was quality engineering ti they changed their name...I had their two top guys come to my one event at the airbase and they did installs of there dashes both days knocked them rite out. it was a great buy back in the day when the cars where only 3-4 years old.

No doubt Buick missed a golden opportunity buy not investing a few bucks and making an optional full guage package available it would have been a very popular option....and outsold the stupid digital dash which in todays world looks really primitive heck any 1965-67 gto ralley dash was better smarter looking.

again just my opinion....another thing the gnx dash does not hurt the resale value I know as i sold a few cars with that upgrade....same goes for the gnx style 16 by 8 wheels...
Precision torques price reduced to $400.00 plus shipping to continental US.
Tach dropped to $125.00
Valve covers dropped to $225, very new condition
No change on GNX dash.
GNX Dash now $900.00 plus usa shipping. Other parts the same price
Looks like cornfeed has set the price standard for gnx dash at 650.00 plus shipping to US so I will match that.
GNX dash sold, all that is left are the Precision Industries Vigilantly torque converters , GN1 black valve covers, and the tachometer.