GNX on fat and furious TV show


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Oct 10, 2012
They just bought a GNX for 15 grand. These shows are so fake it's amazing.

I hope they show what number it is if it's real so it can be traced back in it's history and how long it's been off the grid.
They are so bad at playing dumb.

It is entertaining to watch, just waiting to see how high the crap gets and whether I need my tall boots.
Although if 15 g is what they really paid for a real GNX in that condition they stole it, even if they have to put 20 grand into it.
Yeah but Tommy will be happy with the cash he's gonna make if that thing isn't a clone.

I hope they show the dash # or the rear suspension to get a line on the real deal.
Are you kidding me??

Even at 30G the new owner it stole to.
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I watch this show regularly and that GNX had to be the rarest car they showed. I don't even think they knew how special it was!