Going on the dyno soon. Any guesses?

cool 84

Got hotair?
I think this should be pretty interesting since I haven't seen many hotair dynos. It's in 3 months and I'm going with a bunch of LS1 and Mustang guys. Driving about an hour to the dyno so I hope I don't break anything.

Mods are in the signature with the exception that the cam is a 212-212. It will be on racegas and probably no more than 22psi and 24 degrees of timing since I'm scared of breaking the hypers. Any guesses on the hp/tq?
I would guess 320 - 350 your probably right about where I am if not more.

Be sure to post some results, I am interested in knowing what it is at the wheels.

A guy around here ran his basically stock 85 with alcohol and netted about 225 at the wheels. He was dissapointed by the numbers but pleased by the seat of the pants feel of the car.
I'm hoping for a solid 400/500. There are 86-87s pushing 400/600 with stock heads and cam so I think it's within my reach.

I'm not worried about headgaskets anymore. The problems mystriously went away when I got rid of Jason's heads (who was spotted in town recently so he's out of jail) and installed a fresh set. Imagine that. In fact the gaskets were fine after the last 30+psi run on 87 octane. Instead it cracked a cylinder but the headgaskets were perfect.
yea.. thats the thing.

steel shim headgaskets are not supposed to blow.. pistons usually go before they do if everything else is right.. and on my friends car thats exactly what happened.

the hp/tq seperation is usually ATLEAST 100.. id guess somewhere around 450 or more

dont dissapoint me :)

putting the numbers in.. it says I have 275rwhp/345crank to run a 13.6 with optimal traction.. the traction i had came from 235/60 radials.. just for reference