Going to L.A. San Bernadino area.


Jun 30, 2008
My girl and I will be in L.A. and San Bernadino from the 22nd thru the 26th.

We're heading down for the Ozzfest meets Knotfest concert.
Should be a blast.

Anyways, we have no plans for Friday and I was wondering if there is anything cool to do besides the LA strip and such.

Santa Monica 3rd street promenade and pier is a cool hang out. Hollywood to watch the freaks if you haven't been there. Of course the beach areas, redondo pier has bars and restaurants and a Lear Siegler seat for a bar stool at Barneys Beanery lol. Or go visit turbolou:ROFLMAO::D
san berdoo...........one of the most crime ridden cities in kalif!
also a sanctuary for illegals, and the city is bankrupt, so law enforcement is very lax.
use caution!
Just landed in LA.

God it's nice here.

I need here so I don't have to leave.

May go to universal and do the zombie walking dead exibit.

Nice hear LMFAO, can't wait to get out of this dump.

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Some bomb music to suit the mood, your welcome :)

That's hilarious. Thanks.

Make sure you have plenty of ammo. .44 magnum, maybe.:rolleyes:

Bruce '87 Grand National

They wouldn't let me bring it on the plane then I said I was heading to San Bernadino and they waved me thru.

Who knew!

The weather has been beautiful and people don't generally approach me.

Unless it's Ron Jeremy lol!

He asked me politely if he could hold my girls tit during their photo. I said as long as I can hold your cock during ours. He laughed. He was cool.