Going to the BIG, BIG island

Tom Mahi

My name is.......Tom :o)
May 25, 2001
Gonna be in Klamath Falls, Oregon (near the California border) on the 15th of September. Will also be in Los Angeles from September 28 to October 2nd.

If you need anything from these two areas, shoot an E-mail to pmmobius@hotmail.com.

There isn't really much near Klamath Falls, but who knows. California stops include, but are not limited to, Kenne-Bell, Turbonetics, Lauren Engineering (fiberglass stuff). I can even pick up a trans from DRW in San Diego if you'll chip in for gas money.

If the item you want is too large to carry back in my luggage, I can send it through a freight forwarder. Takes about 10 days to get back here.

Start planning now!:D