good for an INSURANCE folder


Hot Air Teacher/Student
Apr 3, 2003
Go to ebay, type in Grand National, and select Highest price first for the listing, and look for the 1984 Grand is at $20,000, and could make a nice argument piece for those who have bad luck, like myself, or others in accidents.... The best ammo to prove worth can be auction prices sometimes. Cant argue what the relative worth can be for a car!

For $20,000 you get a t-type header panel with it. Maybe I am wrong but gn's didn't get the ordament on the front did they.
When my car was sitting in the middle of the showroom floor way back when it did'nt have one either. Unless someone at the dealership stole it before I seen it, I always wondered what that little hole was for :rolleyes: There is another 84 GN listed with 21K and it is at $8200 now, I am very curious to see what these cars sell for.
i looked under my header panel and unless a body shop did a great job of covering the hole... i don't see one???? o well