Good is nice, but will cheap suffice? (radiators)


Fred 86 GN

The CAS core and the "Nick-Arizona" radiator are very good quality, but cost in the mid-$200's...which is not that bad...but with shipping and the wait I was wondering...

A V8 radiator from AutoZone (or equivalent) is much less expensive.

I do not need the oil cooler, since I have quit using mine when the remote oil filter set-up was added. So without the need for an oil cooler, why would the el-cheapo radiator be a poor choice?

Summit Racing has a few models that are less than $200, and they are aluminum. Any drawbacks to using one of those?

I have not looked closely, but are there any odd little bungs, special fittings, or brackets that are needed for the TR radiators? Will the electric fan fit on any old radiator?
I have the V8 Autozone radiator in my 85 - and I love it. Mine runs as cool if not cooler than a few cars I have seen with high dollar aluminum radiators.

I was seeing 160*-170* in 85* weather with mild humidity.
Try your local radiator shops. They can do a 4-core to your stock tanks. Mine works great!!! Cost me $191 out the door.
If you do not have a front mount I would just do a recore of the stocker. 160 to 170 is common for most guys without front mounts, good stock radiators and the 160 thermo.

But you should take advantage of the oil cooler even with the oil relocation filter. Your turbo will thank you, as coking hot oil on bearings will help you select a new turbo after only a short period of time due to the imbalance of the shafts. The relocation filter can not cool down oil like it traveling throught the radiator can, both ways are better at cooling than just one.

If you are on a budget a recore should not go over $120, and the auto zone at $85 I believe is not set up for the oil cooler, just a trans cooler correct?