group line-up pics...join in...


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post up some of your best line-up pics of you and your friends tr cars... :biggrin:


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Lets read it backwards from right to left..
Me on the right red shirt with silver daily driver(boy was i fat)(and a hippie)
My dad (papa John.. aka the ribmaster from the nats) with his WE4
Deron with his california white 87 T
Crabby with his silver Limited
Ed Brewer with his white 87 T(11.30 stock turbo and IC car)
Joe Jr with his low mileage low 11 second TTA old car
Papa Joe with his 86GN that is just as fast as it is beautiful!



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Oh what the hell, here are some various pics of us out and about...


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Almost looks just our pics out here in Cali

I will talk to the guys out here and see if we can get ours up, if not check out the Southwestern area under donut shop and we had 10 GN's and Turbo Buicks the first week and two TTA's, the second week about the same and third week 11 GN's and Turbo Buicks and No TTA's. Stay tuned we will have the record.
Just thought of A Nationwide Friendly Buick Turbo Compitition

Everyone you know that has one of our cars, should talk to everyone they know and lets all see who can have the Biggest line up of Turbo Buicks, TTA's included. I think July 4th should be the Deadline. I think this could get alot of guys together and get our community really rolling. I think Texas may have the Biggest showing, so we all should get on all the Buick Boards and Do this. Who will be the Biggest? Stay tuned. The winner State should be posted July 4th. Post Pics and number count.
Nice pics

Good idea.. I will have to take some group pics from when the Buicks meet up down here at Tower shops :)
Very Impresive but MAGNA has you guys by two cars

One guy can call another guy and another guy can call another. One person does not have to do all the work. The boards are probably the best way to get people out of there shell and having our beautiful cars on the road.
Very Nice Florida, and I see you will have another this year, but will it be the Biggest in the country, Stay Tuned!!!!!
Last year Kirban open house 50 plus cars. Kahunaville 40 some cars.. We meet monthly and at least 20 show up even with snow on the ground! :)






More Boost, Really Nice Grand Nationals

Are you guys going to try to outdo the rest, Can you guys come up with more than Magna, and the others over 50 participants, You guys are welcome to do it. My Wife is from Nova Scotia, so I know how rare it would be to see one of our cars together. Post on the turbobuick sites. July 4th is the date. Seeing as others are trying to outdo us out here in Cali, All in Good Turbo Buick fun, I will get together some real good prizes for the winningest get together. Stay tuned its in the works as we speak.