GS Nationals roll call


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Aug 13, 2005
Who is planning on going this year? Will we have a full field? The price of fuel should help a lot this year. I remember making the 700 mile drive one year when diesel was $4.75 a gal :eek:

1. John Plog
2. Jim Rasmussen
3. Fred Roeder
4. Brad Lay / Craig K
5. Steve K
6. Jason Cramer
7. Scott Mitchell
8. Brent Sinclair
9. Richie Balcom
10. Paul Dubois
11. Walt Judy
12 Tom Dykman
13. Randy Quiggins
14. Bob Slusser
15. Steve Pitts?

Steve, are we going to limit it to the 16 fastest cars if we have more than 16?
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I'll be there. Not racing though. :(

Mike Barnard
I will have to see the class run order to make sure I wont be holding the class up if I run both THS and XTSM.
Payouts for TSM at the GS Nationals are at $3500 !

$2150 in cash and prizes to win

$750 in cash and prizes for runner up

$200 cash for semis

$50 cash for quarters

Thanks to our sponsors for making this happen:
Full Throttle Speed - Hartline Performance - RJC Racing - Spoolfool - Custom Auto Apparel - JW Racing - Turbostitches - Bison's Performance - American Auto Glass - Craig Business Forms - Boost Crew Performance - Twisted 6 Racing - Champion Racing Heads
Mike, where are you staying?
Might you know what the race hdqtrs hotel is? I don't see it on the GSCA site.

I'll be at the Sleep Inn. Chuck, are you going to make the trip to BG this year?