2016 Rules Thread


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Post up requested items to vote on, if any.

One I noticed is that the rules call for 15 inch wheels and I was running 17 fronts.

Lets leave this open for two weeks, then vote. This will give everyone plenty of time if any changes are voted in.

List of eligible voters include:
Jason White
Richie Balcom
Walt Judy
Brad Lay
John Plog
Randy Quiggins
Shawn Culver
Tim Perkins
Scott Mitchell
Bob Slusser
Fred Roeder
Jim Rasmussen
Steve Pitts
Tom Dykman
Jason Cramer
Brent Sinclair
Paul Dubois
Lisa O Conner Fisher
Brian Lorenz
Kevin Broadwater
Taray Summers
Mike Rueille

If I missed anyone, let me know.
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I would love to vote and I'm not even racing. :shame: Ya'll put on a great show. "Going to fast with class" should be the new motto
I would like to see any exhaust housing as well. I know if someone was building a car for a class this would help.
The list I have from Precision shows only a 7175, there are no other exhaust wheel options for a 71.
That would be too much turbo for the class.
The 68/70 would have to be the limit for a four bolt and a 72 compressor would have to be the limit for a three bolt.
1 any exhaust style housing
2 turbo location anywhere in engine compartment
3 wastegate to exit anywhere
4 exhaust to exit anywhere
5 any type oiling system
We need clarification on the head rule wording. It states any heads, and it should say any production style head. No stage 2 heads.
I remember it was changed to any to allow the series II heads, but I don't think the stage 2 heads were intended. That could get ugly if someone builds a stage motor with stage heads and a four bolt turbo.