2016 Rules Thread

I know borg warner and comp offer four bolts that would fit in the class. Mike Licht knows the borg stuff pretty well.

1. Allow four bolt / v band housings ( T4 size limit )
2. Remove 15 inch wheel rule
3. Remove wastegate into exhaust rule
4. Exhaust exits anywhere
5. Turbo mounts anywhere
6. Remove weight break for smaller turbo
7. Any oiling system allowed
So are we talking the 4 bolt housings for any turbo? I am for allowing it on all legal turbos. The simpler the better for tech. Also need to clarify if there will be an exhaust wheel limit. If tso was still running the pt88 they would be no where near where they are today.
Yes on legal turbos, up to 72mm inlet.

It appears that the biggest exhaust wheel available for a 7o or 72 is a 75 in Precision's line. Comp offers bigger wheels.

I can see too big of an exhaust wheel and housing slowing the car down.

If we are going to regulate exhaust wheel size, there's going to be downpipes coming off at tech or I can go around the pits and measure.
I'm on the fence on the whole thing, and that's after I found that I blew out all my crossover gaskets at BG.

is a 295/ 45R17 drag radial on a 9" wide rim TSM legal? (could it be?)


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It's a 10.6 wide tread and up to 10.9 is allowed according to the rules. So, yes.

Okay, i was a little confused.

I saw it refered to 15" and explained how some tires are acceptable on 16" rim, if they met some specified requirments, but i didnt see any specifications for a 17" diameter wheel.
The wheel diameter rule is going to change. But the tire width rule will be the same. We had two cars with 17 inch fronts at BG and one with 16s all the way around.
Any other input, ideas, gripes, or suggestions? I'll put a ballot together tomorrow and we can start voting.
I know it was mentioned that a weight break for 68mm and smaller turbos would be done away with, but what about a weight break just for turbos smaller than 68mm, being that 2 of the top 3 had the PT 6870? I'm not sure if anyone was running anything smaller than that, but it could give them a slight edge to make things more competitive all around? Just a thought. I myself will have the 6870, and plan on running in TSM trim in 2016.
Problem is getting lighter. There could be all kinds of weight breaks but these cars are hard to get much lighter
the exhaust housing should be looked at. A 4 bolt would allow the new 69MM SXE borg warner which will make the power of the precision 6870 for $899. You guys need options other than precision but the rules now exclude everyone else. The wastegate rule is another, who cares where the gate dumps? as long as it is safe. Make it easier for some new people to play and get in the class. $2500 turbos and custom fabrication puts most guys out. But a 109 block with stage 2 iron heads looks OK though.