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Not sure where to post this, here goes.
Am looking at a 1970, that's being represented as a GSX.
Can someone clue me in on what to look for, to verify the accuracy of the seller's claim?
About all I think I know::rolleyes:
1. 455 engine.
2. Either yellow or white.
3. 4 speed, or t-400.

I realize that condition and such dictate price. NE idea of it's value, [ballpark], shoul;d it be as represented??
This 1 is a convertible. Anything I should look for there?
NE sites that can lead me to an "expert status", in 15 minutes of reading?? [I learn fairly fast..:biggrin:]

must be expensive....

or its a clone,
sorry I can't be of more help, but please post what you find out as I'm looking for one also.
Chuck look at maybe the paint codes on a 70. Yellow is QQ and white is 10-10

I believe that is correct my friend had a 70 white one and sold it to a guy in missouri.


You could get a convertible with the GS455 package had 10 less hp then the GS455Stage 1 and had the same torque rating of 510, GSX was an appearance package that came in white and yellow only and hardtop cars. Those are nice cars it was awesome when Buick brought out their Big Gun 455. I'm not certain though if you could get the GS455 Stage1 in a convert, for certain that GSX appearance package didn't come on a vert. Vin # ought to tell you what size motor come with that car, as I was looking at GS years ago and it did have a big block 455 but the vin said the car came with a 350. If this is a original GS455 convert. with matching #'ss and they added a spoiler and stripes down the side I'd give it a good look over and negotiate
No GSX verts in 1970. Year 1 has the VIN codes for the GS on their website. The block should have an SS (stage1) stamped on a boss off the deck plane between #5 & 7. SR is standard 455. S is 1970, R = 455. TS is 1971 Stage1, and so on. TH400 should have either a BB or WO on the tag where GN's are BR's. The Vin for the trans is stamped just above the pan flange, like GN's. Engine Vin is stamped into the timing cover deck, near the PS pump-very difficult to read in the car.
Honestly, if its rust and bondo free, a solid GS/X/clone from that vintage is still $$$. 1970 models are much more difficult to cover a clone, as the VINs are specific for GS350, 455, and Stage 1, where as 1971's and up are all VIN'd as GS350's. Different engines were bought as options, not different models. 1 more point, big block cars have an additional brace which runs from the forward lower control arm mount, up toward the rear. Often over looked part, not available in repro.

As stated above ther are NO GSX convertibles. Make sure the car is a real big block GS by checking the VIN. it should start with 44667 if not its Skylark. All GS convertibles were big blocks in 1970 and you could get either a 455 or a Stage I version.

I believe there were only about 125 or so 4 speed GSX's. I have seen one, it was apollo white and a 4 speed.

There are many clones of them though.