Hampton Roads/Tidewater GN/TR Sign in

If you need any work done, SteveV is your man !! He is near Surry, VA, but worth the ride. He's done lots of work for local guys.
phone # and/or address? ive got lots of questions....

the car is bone stock minus cold air kit and 3 inch THDP. w/test and cutout
its has the original 84 single traction rear with 255/60/15 mt drag radials.
its not spinning. has a 2.14 60 ft time
only time ive been to the track it went:
14.17 closed exhaust
14.17 open exhaust......wtf.. didnt these cars run that number when it was new? it is an 84 w/ 86 drivetrain......im very puzzled. im sure these types of stories pop up here alot and thats why im here......to learn and get advice.thanks
LMAO, look up 5 posts and you will find his number. He posted just above your post.

Use the search feature and try to post questions in the related forums, we are here to help. If you repost this post in the general question forum, you will be flooded with info and advice. First bit of advice, get rid of that pegleg rear and you will need some sort of scan tool (PowerLogger or ScanMaster) so you can find out what your engine's doing and so you can post the info so we can help ya.

Welcome to the Turbo Buick world!!
Good to hear all the new members showing up in the 757. Ill be back July 12 from bahrain and ill have the car back in the area in Aug, maybe sooner. Right now she down in orlando getting some work done at KDK Performance. Hopefully we can get some guys together late Aug or so. Look forward to meeting you guys.
g2bounds----87 gn bone stock and orig.----sunroof car----also have a 1984 hurst olds -- count me in on the hampton roads area. im in newport news
Okay it is getting warmer.................

What is everyone doing for the 4th?

Any local hang outs hosting?

Anyone meeting up this weekend?
Guys I would like to hold a get togther before the summer is over just gotta get a few things outta the way 1st. I am thinking a Sat afternoon evening. Burgers/dogs/BYOB and everyone brings something,family kids welcome. later July or August is the time frame.
Dammit Steve! If I could be there, the Jack would be flowing like water! ...and potato salad. Can't forget the potato salad.
I would also be down for a gtg but I wouldnt be able to do one till the end of this month seeing as im still in iraq for a couple more weeks.
I'm free pretty much whenever now that the wife is away at school... Although depending the results of the Chief's board, I may be very busy for the next month or so... ;)