Hand made display cases for 1/18

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I made this for my wife years ago as she has a 87 monte ss that I am redoing right now. Had a ton of compliments on it and being I have some down time right now due to being furloaded from CSX I was thinking about makeing a few. I can put whatever you want on the mirrors inside and its etched one them, NOT a sticker. The front is real glass so you can clean it and it won't scratch. :biggrin: Would like to hear you guys thoughts on it. Thanks Daniel Ray


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lol The city that my wife works for was tearing down a OLD building years ago that used to be a chevy dealership back in the 30s-40s or so and her boss found that watch under the building. The front is shaped like an old radiator , pretty cool find so I put it in there for looks. I may make a few of these and offer them up to you guys on here then run them on ebay to make a few bucks. Will have to see how much I put into them and time to decide on a price on them. Daniel Ray