Happy Birthday Gary Wells


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Apr 4, 2002
Happy Birthday sir and thank you for

*All the stuff you've helped me with over the years.
*Your years of service to this great board.
*Your years of military service to this great country.

Hope you're having a great day.:cool:

Mike Barnard
Many thanks for all of the BDay wishes, everybody. Had a great day.
Looks like I cheated the grim reaper out of 1 more year.
Gary, another year around the sun!! Thank you Lord for Gary and his many years of involvement with the Buick community!! Amen!
Many thanks, John, for the BDay and the prayer. Hope that you and the family are doing great.
Hope ya had a good one Gary!

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Many thanks for the BDay wishes, Drewster. I hope that you and yours are doing well.