Happy Birthday to Santiago Camacho (no AKA yet)


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Nov 20, 2005
Happy Birthday to my new son Santiago Camacho, future GN fanatic! He was born March 1st, 2009 (right on time) at 14:23 (2:23pm) after being checked in to the hospital at 14:02 (2:02pm). She was 9cm dialated when we arrived!:eek: Santiago was born at 9lbs 3ozs, (all natural, no time for epidural) and is 22" tall. As tall as his big brother but 2lbs heavier! So Happy Birthday son! Now I have to look for another GN for you!:biggrin:
save now for college,

You got that right! Diego is not 2 years old yet and we have a whole life insurance with cash value for him when he was born. So he already has a few hundred $$ for college. Its got a garuanteed 2% return with a 12% cap. So luckly is garaunteed or else we would lose cash right now cause the economy!:eek: But we are going to open one up for Santiago too, and its just $100 month so by the time hes 18 he should have a nice chunk of change!
Daamn, I didn't you had another one!:eek: Congratulations bro!!!

We just had our 3rd one, Christian, not too long ago on Dec 31, 2008. But thats awesome man.

BTW check out this bad ass onesie I got my boy...hopefully in a few months he'll be big enough to wear it. You ought to get one for you little guy.;)


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hey thanks guys for posting in the southwest section your congradulations! I appreciate it! Cant wait till hes big enough to play with his older brother.