Happy Birthdays to LV GN (LenTranz) (66) & GNAsuka (22)

Gary Wells

White turbo Buick trailer park trash
Mar 2, 2002
Happy Birthdays go out today to LV GN (LenTranz), 66, & GNAsuka, 22 with
best wishes for many more to come. Damn, Len is 66 and still screwing up all those trannies. You would think that by now, aw, never mind. J/K, Len
do they have a seniors class at the drags?

happy birthday Len, is the geritol kicking in yet?? LOL
keep up the great work !

and happy B day to GNAsuka too !
That's ok, Len, having a birthday at 66 is better than not having a birthday at all. J/K, Len, I didn't figure that was correct, I figured that they shorted you a few years. Enjoy.
Happy Birthday Guys! Wow, Len 88yrs old? :tongue:

:biggrin: I was thinking he looks damn good for 65:tongue: Happy Birthday guys!
I was thinking he looked damn good for 85, & they shortened him about 20 years or so.
Happy B-Day Len!!

You're only 45 eh? Man you look like hell!! :biggrin: I guess that's what years of fast cars, fast food, and the Vegas lifestyle will do for ya! You know I'm just givin' you crap. :p Congrats Buddy! Say Hi to Lisa for me.