Has everyone received their SMC kit from the 2nd GP?


Who's Next?
May 27, 2001
I was just wondering. I ordered mine on the last day of the GP and Steve said I probably wouldn't have it by Christmas, but should be here by New Years. How many people got in on the last GP?

I ordered mine on 12/2. He said it should be here before the year is up. I'm willing to wait because I saved $50
I ordered mine on 12/10(long story). I talked to Steve for probably 25-30 mins or so. He is hard at work on these kits and will probably need thru the first or second week of Jan 2002 to get them all done. I too, am "happy" to wait because I saved fifty dollars. Be patient, he will come thru.
i am kinda teed off i ordered mine back in early nov and was told it would take 3-4 weeks,called early last week and he said if was shipping on thurs morning,called friday and he said they wont be shipping till this week!!was originally told it would be here by christmas,unless i see it on monday
i dont mind waiting just dont tell me i am going to have something at a certain time and not deliver then blow off the seconf delivery promise either
just be straight with me up front
Don't take my earlier post the wrong way. I'm not complaining at all and don't mind waiting one bit. I was just wondering how many had got their kits in.

Hey guys
I ordered mine in Nov too and am still waiting. Since I bought this Lightning, I've gotten used to it. I had one computer chip that took 3 months to get here.

I've seen the SMC kit up close and am happy to wait for it.
Dale :)
It's here!!!!!!!

I got my dual nozzle SMC kit today!!!!!!!:D
It was waiting on my door step when I got home from work.
This kit is one fine looking unit, I can't wait to install it. Very first class kit and well worth the wait!!

Received mine, January 9, 2002. Ordered mine on last day of November. Looks excellent with high degree of quality. Excited about the install- now to find the time to do it.

Evans Ward
Macon, GA
87 Turbo-T
70 GS455
Got my dual nozzle kit yesterday. I ordered it a couple of weeks before Christmas so that wasn't bad turnaround at all.
got mine yesterday installed it today and forgot my alcohol at work
will try it out in the am
also this kit is extremely well built A++ on installion and quality
You shouldn't rush things that are hand built and spray denatured alchohol. LOL
I orderd mine on december 6.....called Steve monday and he said I was # 4 on the list and that they were waiting on some pumps to come in....he said he hoped to ship it out at the end of this week. I hope it comes soon been waiting a long time....I won't to get it on before the local track opens up at the end of this month....so I can see what this bad boy will do!