heads question !


May 11, 2004
hi , another suprise on my tta lollll my 2 heads is crack :rolleyes: i check on the rebilter book and thay says the 515 tta heads is the same casting then the 3.0l 248 heads casting ! what is the diference betwing those 2 heads exept the valve ! can i replace my heads whit the 248 ! thank ......
What Champion does is install hardened seats unto the heads.. this helps stop the cracking.

The cracks can be repaired. I have had cracks repaired on TTA heads in the past with no problem. Champion does this type of work.

The problem is no water between the valves and it gets very hot.
You can also send them to alltex cylinder heads. You can also find them on evil bay. One guy has them on pretty regularly, brand new and fairly cheap.