Help Needed! Need A Website for Turbo Buick!


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Mar 1, 2005
I have very basic skills and very limited time and we need this done ASAP! Anybody out there got the skills and time to throw together a decent, quick, easily accessible website for us?

The domain is secure just waiting to be turned on....

Since we are including other Gbody's to the event we want to do a seperate site that is easy to get all the info from!

I am looking a freebie:D I can do it, just figure someone could do a much better job in about 1/100 the time:p
Can you show us a site that you want it to look like for both feature count, content and style?

You just want a simple clean html/css single page site? Or a menu to multiple pages? Any webforms posting, db requirements, email/contact capture and spam generator? Do you have a graphics artist already doing the splash images for marketing that just need to be uploaded to a simple site? Usually I won't touch a short term project under 30 grand. Also, something done quick and free will look cheap and hard to make sense of by the users.
No just a basic page with info such as dates, sponsors, directions, etc... A contact button, nothing fancy! 30 grand, damn I need a new career:D

Guess I will be getting to work tomorrow:eek:
I did one this morning! Jay will get the tech end finished today and should be online with in a day or too....

Thanks for the responses!
Cool- I only got as far as a getting one screenshot from Piedmont site to start a design this morning before I got on a conf call.
Site is set up for content adding.. just waiting for DNS to propagate.
Shane has the site working despite me giving him the wrong directory to put stuff in :oops:
Looks good to me. Would be happy to help sponsor as well. Maybe even....get out to the race.

Not yet, working on those this weekend! We are meeting today to set some other things in motion and I will update the site accordingly! I changed it this morning to the G-Body Nationals!

I will be adding hotel info as well!

Suggestions welcomed!
Looks good. Maybe instead of trying to have a menu with multiple pages, just make it one tall page. Short of creating a separate mobile site, this will let mobile device users be able to easily scroll the site to get info, like the map and hotel links without having to force them to zoom and try to click a menu. That's easier to code and maintain since its one file with no navigation and you don't have to use up space at the top to put a menu either.

My idea was to design the site to look like a personal itenerary, with everything in one page and a quick summary at the top. Might as well embed a map link to google maps and have the address and phone listed on the main page. Then mobile users can click those to get a jump to their apps to bring up their map app to get directions or make a phone call. Google maps let's you generate a link you can copy as well, then you can paste the iframe or hyper link into the site for PC users to be able to jump over to a new browser to get directions on a map.

If you had time, you could have a map showing all the hotels pinned with the drag strip and Mr. Clark's facilities as well as popular restaurants. If I'm new to the area, I need to know where to eat or drop the wife and kids off to shop etc as well.
Try it now. I have incorporated some of the ideas from here!
Is this right.....
$20 spectator fee
$10 test n tune

Does the $10 test n tune include entrance to the track?

Billy T.