HELP! PVC Grommet #?!?

rev. 3:11

Does anyone know the part # for the pvc valve grommet for an '87 turbo? Can't mail-order, need ASAP!! I need to go to dealer unless it is available at the parts store (hey , a guy can dream)NAPA, Pep-Boys, O'Rielly's, etc.
This is also the same for a NA motor and all Buick V-8's. If a local dealer doesn't stock it they should be down on the HELP! rack at AutoZone or Napa.

Eric Fisher
No, but I think I've got both a new and a used one in my garage some place. I can check when I get home tonight. I'm out northwest in Lakewood Forest (near Grant Eldridge). You can reach me on my cell phone @ 281-381-8486. You might also try Hub Buick or Westpoint Buick. I've had some luck over the years with them.

Found it! Putting it in was an exercise in self-control:mad: after much weeping and gnashing of teeth it went in! Thanks y'all!:D