Help!!!sos!!!no Brake's!!!


Nov 23, 2003
I came home last night and my brake's worked fine, I got up this morning and it felt like the booster had gone bad, REALLY HARD PEDAL, Can a booster just quit like this or could it be something else? What should I check?

Listen for the PM electric pump to come on when you turn on the key. Check the fuse in the fuse block under the dash. Make sure neither of the two electric connectors have become disconnected from the PM.
If none of the above help - a rebuilt PM with lifetime warranty is $149 at Advance Auto Parts & I understand other reliable auto parts companys also handle them.
Thank's for the information. Ive been thinking about putting vaccum brakes on it, But I may try the new one if it has a life time warranty.;)
:rolleyes: Allright!!! I'm stupid, I checked the brake fluid on the pump side of the reservoir and guess what? It was EMPTY! I had a loose line on the pump and it was pumping all my fluid out. My brakes work fine now.:p Yep! I'm still a little green on the GN's. I looked at the reservoir from the drivers side of the car and it looked full, I just decided to pop off the lid and to my surprise there was another reservoir on the motor side.:D