help speraticly stalls then when restarted stalls agin but only under boost


May 25, 2003
help speraticly stalls then when restarted stalls agin but only under boost. i dono whats up with this it happens like every few days like every other day the car will stalls if i dont shut the car off completly and just restart it it will stall agin if i hit boost.. i have a thrasher chip but its been working fine in the car for a few months now .. any takers ? help !!!!!!!!!! heh allso i had it on my snapon scanner and no codes.
If its only under boost - maybe its ignition related? - check your spark plug gaps - How many lbs. of boost are you running? Just a thought.
do you know if the thrasher has a MAF lock? if not maybe it's maf dropout. if it does, sounds like an ignition issue or the MAF itself maybe. scantool readings?
well the thing is its not all the time like if it just stalls out of no wherre maby its when i boost out of no where im not sure but im driven on the highway or soemting so i dont want to turn the key off all the way so i just restart it so i can get home then if i boost at all it will stall agin or sputter .. BUT! if i restart key off then turn it on eveythigns fine its speratic such a pain in the butt
Just out of curiosity have you tried another chip? If you did does it react the same?
I dont know. But it would be one less thing to worry about if you found it was OK. I remember back in the day when I was new to these cars I accidently drove my car in the valet setting of my chip on the highway- I would WOT it and it fell flat on its face stumbled almost shut off. Restarted it - ran perfect til I mashed the peddle. Im still inclined towards a ignition or maybe MAF problem though. HTH. Try switching MAF with a KNOWN good one. Its easy and that would narrow down problem even more.:D