Help us build "Nasty Wendy 2"- AKA "The Phonix"

I'm sure that the new roller will need bumper fillers. I'll donate a set of my new fiberglass fillers to the cause.:)
It's times like this that I'm especially proud to be part of this site.

"Going fast with class". The first time I heard this saying, I thought it referred to the cars. I soon found out that it also speaks about those who drive them.:cool:

Hope you're up and spooling soon...

Mike Barnard
Uhhh. He was being sarcastic/funny.


I get that, but there are always those that might just not get it, and they will attempt to turn this positive thing into the shitstorm that is the other thread.
I also have a set of rear fiberglass fillers if they would help. They are 8/10. I bought them in a deal from another member just in case of I might need them in the future. The only flaw is a chip out of the fiberglass, but once installed it would never be visible. They are painted black and look great. But I only have the rear fillers. If that or any other part would help they are yours. Just not sure which parts are needed!

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I'm sure that the new roller will need bumper fillers. I'll donate a set of my new fiberglass fillers to the cause.:)
It's times like this that I'm especially proud to be part of this site.

"Going fast with class". The first time I heard this saying, I thought it referred to the cars. I soon found out that it also speaks about those who drive them.:cool:

Hope you're up and spooling soon...

Mike Barnard

Classy move Mike.....
I'n IN for $7.51. I wanted to donate more but I'm a retard when it comes to paypal. :confused: My wife has an account and I don't know how to use it. ;) If you come up short put me down for another 50 bucks.

Back in 2000 I joined after recently purchasing my dream car, an 87 GN, from a Mr. Lou Yandoli of Manhattan, NY off of ebay. If anyone here knows Lou Yandoli please let him know whats happened. He may not remember who the hell I am but I know he used to love that car. The GN came to me complete and running and with a spare freshly rebuilt motor. The deal wasn't the cheapest but given the condition of the car and a complete spare engine it was by far the best available deal at the time. Lou had done a good job of putting GNX clone parts on the car as well. Fender flairs, GNX vents, GNX wheels, and GNX badging gave the car a very nice look. It had a proven combination of a TE-44 turbo, 36 psi injectors, restalled stock converter, and a RED ARMSTRONG chip with some Lawrence Conley parts sprinkled in. The paint was slick and shiney. It was a head turner and tire burner. I give my vehicles female names. I figure that if I'm going to be sticking my hands in all the intimate places of this car I'd rather not call it Richard or Peter. So the car was named 'Wendy'. This was a time where was having some difficulty. Only a few days after I'd joined the board crashed and all was lost. While the board was down I'd taken Wendy to get new exhaust tips welded on. The service tech called me out to look at them and as he backed the car out of the bay I saw for the first time my own brake lights. Lou had placed an inlay over the third brake light that illuminated 'NASTY'. When came back online everyone had to re-register so I used the name 'Nasty Wendy'. I immediately made myself at home. I learned tons about these cars. I received help on problems that would arise. I joked and clowned and LOL'd at the characters on this board. Friendships started to build. NO, not friendships, but comradery started to build. I view a comrade as someone who I'd stop and help change their flat tire in a rain storm (I have so-called friends I wouldn't do that for). As time passed the bonds grew stronger and it became clear that being in the Turbo Regal Fraternity was badge of honor. 'Going Fast with Class' was engraining itself into the fabric of who I was as a person. By the time I'd made my first event I'd already become close friends with guys from the message board that lived relatively near by. If it weren't for the message boards I may never have met those local guys and they are now guys I'd do anything for. Meeting fellow board members at events increased that number of comrades many times over. Comradery made possible by the internet because of a common interest. That combination has filtered off social status, ethnic backgrounds, religious differences, political affiliation, racial prejudice, and everything else that divides our society. The Turbo Regal Fraternity includes ALL WALKS OF LIFE. Stop and think about that for a minute. Hollywood can only accomplish this in movies when the earth is under attack from aliens. There is/was a common opinion that the community was divided because of the start or existence of different message boards. I do not share in that opinion. Options do not mean division. I belong to all of the message boards. I like being a part of all of the message boards. How could that be if being a member on one meant you were divided against the other(s)? Yes I know the back stories on them. I look at it in the same light as what happened over a disagreement at our local drag strip 'State Capitol Raceway' in Baton Rouge La. A racer was displeased by the owner of the drag strip and voiced his opinion and the strip owner told him if you don't like how its done here go open your own track. He did. 'No Problem Raceway' was built and now we have 2 options for drag racing. The same people go to both tracks some prefer one over the other. Point is that it is a win=win situation, not one of division...not in my opinion. So here we are. I've offered my help to my comrades when they were in need. I've shed tears for my comrades when they suffered the hard losses. I've chimed in with answers for my comrades when they had questions. I party hard as hell with my comrades at every opportunity. The bonds that have been built are remarkable and to think that those bonds grew by planting a seed made by Buick and watering it with the internet. I am privileged to be a member of this fraternity. This is how I feel about you. Thank you for having me.
I figured out what I was doing wrong (other than squandering my hard earned cash on Buicks). I'm IN for another 50 bucks. Best of luck Clay!

hello people; I'm slow (I guess) but I thought you where a female. I don't follow everything but I hope things work out for you and with the help of the members here you will.
He may not be female, but he rocks a bikini like a boss..

(Pic from 2005 Nats)


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Now i know who the f@cker is that sent that text...I have been away from this board for a while...I just read some of this abot what happen and think its a sad thing, but right is right.....

Oh Prasad,just pullin your chain,thanks ,i will be donating today..

Hey it's all good brother and for a good cause!
Thanks to everyone that answered the call and donated. There should be more coming today!
I hope he and Brain can come to a fair resolution.

That thread is pure ugliness, I posted there and quickly found out I was in over my head. I didn't really have anything of value to add, anyway.

I donated here because I felt it was the thing to do, as I said in the other thread, I didn't have a dog in the fight so, I quit early, Quicksixxxx or not.

If one chooses to be part of this thread and donate, one should resign himself to let this be the one redeeming quality that results from the original thread.

There is far too much negetivity over there for anyone but the parties involved anyway, don't let it drag this thread down.

This thread was started to be the positive and uplifting result of a tragic loss of a board member, and nothing else, no matter who is to blame.

Let's just leave all that shit alone in this thread, agreed?

I am seriously moved by the out pouring of member participation and outpouring of support. What a great bunch of people has as a group!

This thread deserves to be a positive one, and nothing else. If someone want's to come in and shit on it, they should be be dealt with via admins wrath.

By its nature, this one needs to stay positive.

not sure if you agree or are offended? i was just poking at Charlie cause we do all the time. he knows im just foolin. but really, he works way too hard for everybody... i think Charlie needs a break sometimes - he is a real standup guy and has kept this place running sweetly... thats alot of time and effort for somebody.