Help us build "Nasty Wendy 2"- AKA "The Phonix"

scot w.
By now most of us have read about the tragedy that has fallen on Clay aka "Nasty Wendy", loosing your pride and joy that you worked long and hard to build is a terrible thing regardless of how it happens whether it be a car accident, Fire, Theft, Vandalism, Etc, Etc. Clay happens to be on a fixed income and doesn't have the funds to just buy another car, his insurance was just enough so he could drive it legally on the streets. I was speaking to Coach (Donnie Schanz) tonight about the Clay's car being burnt and we both thought it would be a great gesture to help out a fellow Buick enthusiast get back into another Turbo Regal and back on the road enjoying his car like we all do. I personally have only met Clay only a few times at BG and Coach has yet to met him. We both simply want to help. I do not wish to get into any of the mess about the other thread and DO NOT want any of that negativity flowing over into this thread! This is a thread about “Helping” and not bashing so please if you have any negative things to say please keep it to yourself! All I want is to see is a fellow Turbo Buick guy who loved his car and this hobby get back to enjoying his car again... If you wish, feel free to post that you donated or be kept anonymous. Either way is fine as long as it’s not negative…

Donations are cheap at $7.51 per donation (Multiple donations can be made if you wish). We all waste more than $7.51 weekly, just think how cool it will be to see a finished car posted when this is all over and know that our community helped it happen?

ALL transactions (Donations) will be printed out as they come in and kept in a separate folder in his name so every penny will be accounted for and as soon as a decent roller is located and price reached, the money donations will be closed! Upon locating the said roller I will personally purchase it with the donation money. Once the roller is purchased we will arrange some sort of delivery.

No person involved in this cash donation will keep a single penny, All money will go directly to the seller of the roller and the money donations will be closed immediately.

With this being said, if anyone out there reading this has a nice roller (minus engine, trans) that they have laying around would like to sell please contact me personally to discuss.

To make the minimum donation simply click here--> Closed ...

To the people who wish to make a larger donation, here is our PayPal address to send payment - Closed...
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