HELP...what sizes are the fuel line fittings???


Feb 13, 2007
...ok here is the set leaving the hard lines that run from the tank to the engine as stock then i want to put in hose or braided steel lines after i guess one line will go into the new champion fuel rail i have and the other line will go into bottom of the adjustable fuel pressure regulator that fits that champion fuel rail... having a really hard time here (in vancouver, BC,)...finding these even bringing the lines into mopac, hydraulic stores everywhere and no one has these freaking fittings that i will i will probably have to order them online in the states...which is fine...but i need to know the numbers.. i need fittings that will fit into the hard stock lines from the tank both of them they are different sizes...and the other end will have to fit either -6 or -8 hose (i dont care which really)...then i need the other side to come out of hose and into fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator.... ps. its for an 87 grand national...what are the damn sizes pleasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee...thanks kindly...noah.
...anyone ever change their lines...i have done some searches but it seems most change the whole line from the tank to the rail...any p/n's would really help...or a place i can order them from ...thanks noah.
I know makes all sort of replacement lines for our cars. Or you could try Russel fittings. They make the braided stainless hose and fittings for race and street cars. I know Jegs carries all the russel fittings.
Tarey D.
Brass fittings

This is a long shot but worked for me when I needed a 90° brass fitting to accommodate my fuel pressure gauge installation a few years ago.

Go to a refrigeration supply house and take a sample of what you want they have a huge array of fittings and I know for a fact that the threads fit our fuel rail perfectly.

Peter there is no manual or anything anywhere with the stock fuel line connections and fitting sizes???...still looking ...when i go in to order the fittings i tell them i need what size/style fitting to -6 or -8 line and -6, -8 line to the fuel rail...what is the numbers for these ?...if no one knows would it say in the gm shop manual or...need the actual size numbers in order to order them...thanks noah.
I had to fab a set out of stock lines. I cut the ends of and TIG welded -6AN (JIC) fittings on them. If you can wait a bit, I'm replacing mine with -8AN stuff real soon. Give me a call.