Help with 109 short block build


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Oct 2, 2006
In the next month & a half I am goin to start getting the parts together for a short block & would like some help with which crank, rods, Pistons, caps, girdle. I have been reading the forums for a while now, but never really have heard what some of the builds were going to make hp wise. I want the short block to be able to handle a 3500 lbs into the 9.60's. I know there is no such thing as a budget build with these motors. I need to know which products have been working for mid 9 sec cars. I know the machine work involved & that will not be a factor. I just want to get the parts together for the build over the next month & half. After I have all the parts I will drop off the parts & a virgin 109 block off for the machine work. If my calculations are right I will have to make between 775 to 820 rwhp. With that in mind....

Which crank?
Which rods?
Which pistons?
Which caps, if not all?
Girdle on top of new caps?
Any other suggestions to make the short block handle the hp I am looking to make.
For that much HP you should go with a stage block. You'll get to your goals easier and possible cheeper. With the 109 you'll need a gurdle, all billit main caps, forged eagle crank or equivalant, forged H beem rods(theres many out there, oiliver, K1, crower), forged pistons(I like the diamonds), GN1 heads with the RJC head clamp at the least, maybe o-ring the block, cometic steel gaskets or equivalant, champion intake. Thats just off the top of my head. Others will chime in and say if im on the right track or not. Hope that gives you kindof an idea
I think a few people are running stock block and running around those times in the Tampa area. I have in fact seen them run. Maybe they can post some help.
Well, I plan on going with a girdle for sure, Know I have to get the forged rotator, I plan on putting the 2 center caps, but need to know if I should go with all of them. As for the top end, it will be a ported set of GN1's, Champion ported lower, with a twin turbo setup..but have to order the rotator soon. I just need to know which ones will handle the 900+ hp range. I pulled the virgin motor apart today, hot tanked it & sent it for Thermal cleaning before the machine work.
Eagle crank, oliver rods, diamond pistons. Not sure abou the caps with the gurdle. Some say its un-nessecary but i have all caps and gurdle ans im only making high 600.
For a fairly reliable high 9 second engine and a 3500# car, you dont need to make nearly the rwhp you are shooting for. Probably somewhere in the range of 650-675 at the wheels will do it. With that being said, and keeping budget in mind, I would use a CAT steel stroker crank, K1 rods, custom pistons (higher comp ratio) and an engine girdle, the steel caps in the center would be a nice addition as well. You will need a pretty nice set of heads and a custom roller tailored to your combination.
Thanks for the help guys. I plan on using diamond pistons, CAT crank non stroker, with front cap & 2 center caps plus a girdle. I plan on making atleast 700 rwhp.

You think the rear cap is needed if doing the other 3 with a girdle?

Will the K1 rods handle 800 hp?
I called Full Throttle & have to call back but thought you guys might know.
there is no need for the front cap, two center caps w/girdle is all that is needed. there have been plenty of guys running 9's on those k-1 rods. i am shooting for 9's and here's my setup

109 block
rjc girdle
rjc crank scraper
center billet caps
eagle crank
h-beam rods
diamond 30 over pistons(floating)
ported gn1 heads from nick micale
port matched intake from nick
218-218 hyd.roller cam from dls..112l/s 544-544 lift w/1.65's
comp roller lifters
beehive valve springs
T&D 1.65 ratio roller rockers
rjc deep sump oil pan
fel-pro head gaskets
arp hardware for everything
hi-volume front cover
bhj balancer
j&w flexplate
ta ss headers
3.5in DP
ta low profile valve covers
f.a.s.t xfi w/83lb inj
precision 70gtq turbo
precision fmic
hrparts motor mounts
precision vigilante 3800 stall converter
all of this going through a billet 2004r w/brake and built 8.5 rear

happy to help
while I agree that the front cap is overkill, since the block is getting all the machin woirk anyway when you install the other two the exta $75 for the front cap does not seem like a big deal to me.
while I agree that the front cap is overkill, since the block is getting all the machin woirk anyway when you install the other two the exta $75 for the front cap does not seem like a big deal to me.

Glad you dropped in Mike! lol I plan on placing an order for the front cap, both center caps & a girdle early next week from you! I will give you a call later to get a price on shipping to Hawaii.
Thanks we will do the beast we can for you.

I sent your sales an email on price for shipping. With the time difference I always miss you.
I plan on getting the caps & girdle asap...then the rotator in a week or 2 after the line bore & hone is done with the girdle.