help with trans code


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i might be getting a tranny from a friend but i cant figure out what car it came out of the tag on the tailshaft has KCF stamped on it in big letters and just a production date on the bottom nothing else can anyone help me out so i know if this is worth buying
well my main concern is the valvebody i want to know if it will work in a 85 monte carlo ss with the 3.73 rear gears and ive looked all over the valve body but theres no lettering on the side of it and i just see yellow paint spots
A CQ or CZ code Valvebody & Governor would be correct for your SS-Monte but, the KC Valvebody can be made to work. The Gov will need to be changed or modified.
Lonnie @ ExtremeAutomatics, Chris @ CKPerformance, Jake @ JakesPerfromance & others on this site can help with the VB & Gov.
i got a hold of dave and hes helping me out alot !!! cant thank him enough hes been helping me since this tranny first started having problems almost 2 months ago. so again thanks for all your help dave. and thanks to everyone else on here that has given me advice. im glad i found this forum ive learned more about these trannys in the last couple of months then in the last 8 years of owning this car.
ok well im going to be getting the kc trans since im getting it for $50 to use as a starting point for a rebuild but i want to go over everything inside i dont want 1 part left untouched so pretty much all im using from the tranny is the case everything else will be changed out now i have a question which parts in these trannys are a must upgrade item when doing a rebuild. i already know about the forward drum but im not really sure on what else and i want to do all this myself ive already got a few books on how to rebuild this tranny and im going to take my sweet time doing it so i get it right the first time . so any suggestions would be great .
It will depend on your engine's power HP/TQ level as to what parts you will need. A hardened Stator Support is a must also. Dave can tell you exactly which other parts/mods you'll need.
Chris has a very complete Rebuild & HiPer Upgrade Manual for the 2004R. Link here >>