Here is the '84 Regal thread.


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Mar 10, 2007

I have been a member here for awhile and this site has been very helpful with technical things and I have never posted elsewhere other than the help sections. I'm a member of several local forums and have meet several people to tell me to post my '84 regal here and the "other" two fourms.
So I decided that I would make a post here.

About my car First: It came from somewhere in between the west coast to here in my state of WestVirginia. Becuase there was no rust on the car other than all of the top panels because the lacquer paint was cooked. It started life out as a Somerset Regal Limited. With two tone paint and gold and bronze accents in the brown interior. 2bbl 3.8 v6 was for the power a 200 metric was for the shifting and a 7.5 positrac 2.41 ratio rear axle made up the driveline. It has power brakes, power steering, a/c, power antenna for the amfm radio two speed wipers with delay and a rear defroster. 60/40 split front seat full pillowtops front and rear.
It was pretty nice needed a new trans when I got it it didn't have reverse and it used oil really bad the rings on the passenger sideof the engine were worn especially cylinder number 6.
So I scoured the local papers for another engne and trans and i found a wrecked low mileage '83 ttype it had been hit hard in the rear and eve broke the rear diff. I bought the engine and trans for $500 and installed everything in my '84 regal.
here are pics of this setup:


It Ran alright and was well worth the $500 for the engine/trans.
Then I started getting greedy and I designed and built my stage one system:









very very cool!!!
this is way more interesting that the usual fuel injected/intercooled cars.

had gm kept progressing the carbed setup and got the performance numbers that they put out in 86/87,... then the phrase "last true muscle car" that you hear alot referring to the 87 gn,..... would be a little more fitting,..just my opinion of course. then again, theres alot of muscle car enthusiast that wouldn't consider anything a true classic muscle car unless it had a v8.

have you been to the track with this car yet?
I did a version of this a couple of years back using some hot air parts and a 4.1 intake and carb that was laying around collecting dust. I like your set up. Very nice. Looks pretty easy to intercool yours. Did you use a regular carb or one set up for a blow through system?


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I did have the car at the track back in '06 when it was still the stock '83 ttype setup before I did any of my stage 1 or 2 mods.

It ran best of 18.225@77.29mph in the 1/4 and 11.917@62.07 in the 1/8 mile at PRP raceway. I never got out of second gear with the stock 2.41 ratio. It was very close or dead on to the '83 ttype times car and driver printed.
I using a BG mighty demon carb that is calibrated for blowthru, BUT that didn't mean it was setup for blowthru. when I got the carb new it was setup to go dangerously lean at wot and performed horribly. my modded 750 Qjet could outperform it in all area's.
Looks great man! One thing I noticed that could really help you turn up the boost and would be done easily, why not innercool it? Heck even a stock IC would do that puppy wonders. With that turbo, you could shoot it through an IC just like an 86-87 TR and then just mate up to your blow through set up. Just an idea! Keep the pics coming!
I was completely suprised by this session. This one is overlayed ontop of the previous dyno run (I know its barely visible) but it represents the stage 2 build. Which consisted of making the change to the Weiand/Yunick intake manifold and Demon carb only, from what was used previously a stock 4.1 4bbl intake manifold and a modded 750 Qjet. The carb was ran as is out of the box, no intercooler, 93octane, 12 degrees total ignition timing.
I have not had the regal back to the chassis dyno since Aug '08 and I guesstimate is that the engine is now in the 430-450hp range with over 500 ftlbs. It's taken some time it's been so cold but it is intercooled now and the combo is finally in unison and tuned now. I just need to make it back to the track and get it back to the dyno again. It's been tuned on the street with a wideband and checking the plugs.
I need to give a more detailed rundown of the engine setup in my next message.
More detailed specs on the setup:
'83 ttype block[3.8-1] stock bore.
stock turbo crank and rods and pistons.
.001 undersized bearings throughout.
stock '83 ttype oilpump,pickup and timing cover. [no oiling issues]
cloyes double roller timing chain set.
stock '87gn camshaft and lifters.
'84 and later 8445 casting stock heads.
ngk sparkplugs
stock rocker arms
lt1 valve springs
Weiand/Smokey Yunick intake manifold
Mighty Demon 800cfm carb
MSD 43gph inline fuel pump -6 an fuel lines
mallory risng rate fuel pressure regulator
stock 3.8 2bbl distributor no mechanical or vacuum advance, 4 pin hei module
8mm belden plug wires
frankenstein turbo: stock GN turbine housing and turbine wheel .63a/r, journal bearing oil only cooled CHRA, roto-master compressor backing plate, airesearch compressor cover .70a/r, 57mm compressor wheel inducer.
aftermarket stainless steel headers
homemade 3in downpipe with 3in cutout, complete 3in single exhaust over the axle with a two chamber racing muffler
knockoff tial 36mm external wastegate
4in spectre carb hat
3in intercooler charge piping
'09 vw jetta intercooler, 3in inlet/outlet
aem uego wideband
100hp NX wet nitrous system through a nossle before the carb
Very cool car! I love the Frankenstein factor! And it is proving to work well! Keep up the good work, ever thought about running E85?
I have thought about e85 before, I could ditch the intercooler again.




Well the colder the better, why not use both? Thats what we do and the motor just loves it! Many many many of us are using it now as well as other makes of turbo cars. Cant beat the stuff!