Here Kitty !


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Jun 23, 2001
Meow !


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Thanks, I didn't want to be out done by Neil Stewart , It's everything they say & fun to drive but no match for a good running Buick so keep mean chicken off my ass please :D
Great looking car, Lou.
Now you just need to get your wife that Audi RS7 sedan 606hp to add to your stable. Ha!
Someone sent me a pic of Lou out cruising this holiday weekend, pretty fucking sweet Lou!! I always new Polish dogs could be rednecks too!!!!
Hi Lou!!
Copycat! :p

Niel, Great car but when I'm behind the wheel of this beast I feel likes its 1970 again and I'm in my early 20's the sound of the exhaust gives me a rise in my Levi's. I've been going for joy rides & tearing up lake forest since I got it. Once the chicken finds out I've been violating his hunting grounds its all over so i must capture the moment while I can. PM me you ph. number again Lou :D
I hear you. I tried slamming my junk in the door like you said to do...
Home Depot tomorrow, I broke the door:jawdrop::mooning:
I give you all my speed secrets and you still can't get it right this method only works on the garage door and houses built after 1950 And not in some tarpaper shack in Long Beach .
The swine meanchicken came by the shop today sticking his beak & pecking around my Hellcat looking for trouble him & that other retard spoolfool two bookends !
Maybe she's afraid you guys would hurt yourselfs since the Dodge is rated at twice the horsepower of a Buick smart girl :)