Hey head porters, is this a good job?


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Jul 19, 2006
My dad sent me some heads he ported several years ago. They're 6293 heads he ported using the Buick Performance book as a guide. He's a master machinist (actually a tool and die man). I want to use these, but I'm not sure if the porting job would be good for a street driven, stock turbo car. He built these to go on a pretty radical N/A 3.8 he was building for an AC Cobra kit. . . What do ya think?:confused:


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looks like he port matched them to a 1200 fel pro intake gasket. He removed the guide bosses from the intake and exhaust sides. good for flow but in my opinion valve guide longevity will suffer a little. Most of us dont drive our cars 20,000 miles a year anymore anyway. I bet they flow and will work good. make sure you have a good valve job and GOOD springs and set the installed height on them. maybe match the intake to them too.
for a real mild flat tappet hydraulic cam I use the comp cams 980 springs.
see ya ! Steve
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If that's for a "radical" engine I don't see it. There's a WHOLE lotta metal that can be removed before you get radical. Last set I did you could put the exhaust valve down the intake tract and I'm not joking. I'm about to do another set the same way so for a standard build yours should be fine.
Would I see much in performance gains going from untouched stockers to these? The car will probably see 5k miles a year, maybe more, will the cut guide bosses be something to worry about?
Looks like they need more work to smooth the the sharp edges just under the valve seat (in the throat area).
Hard to see the short turn radius's. Things a person would need to feel in person if they are good or not or needs more work.

They do need more work to be finished.

You can make a cylinder head flow worse by porting them incorrectly.

I would suggest to take them to a professional head porting shop or someone who knows about these heads in person to tell you first hand on what needs to be done. Two cents thrown. :)