Highway Stars Rock

Oct 23, 2008
I just want to Comment on Highway Stars which just go beyond the level of excellence. First and formost, For there love for our Grand National. Glen not only sells parts for our Cars, he actually cares for the servival of them. He continues to Reproduce actual GM liceanse parts which you cant find anymore To The Last Posible Detail of the part. Second is his willingness to share his knowledge and help you understand the a little bit more about the parts in or Grand Nationals. I truely like many love Great customer service. Highwaystars definatly provide it each and everytime I due Buisness with them.
So Hats off to Glen and Lesly over at HighwayStars. Thank you very much for all that you have Done for me, and for this car that we all love.
Yep Glen and the crew are great.... and i spread the NOS4GN.com "gospel" wherever i go! for Customer Service, Quality and Price.