Holley Dominator Up and running!!!!!


The Reaper
Installing the Holley dominator... I have a start up file but want to make sure it's configured correctly.

I'm going to use the Holley waste spark style coils.

Running a 4L80E/ProTorque Revolution converter with lock up.
3:27 Rear gear

Planning on doing the Transbrake bump like I did in my LSX Camaro with the holley.

Should be able to do full sequential ... 3 stage Rev Limit and launch control.

Glad to share once I have it figured out...
Went 10.6@128mph on 92pump gas NO alky/Meth with 2:73 Rear gear.
It's in a 88LX Mustang

It's up and running!

Stock Cam Sensor.... Stock Crank Sensor.

I'll put as much information on here as possible.... So ANYONE can do this!

First and formost is the Cam and Crank sensor wiring.
Here is the diagram so it fires right up!

DO NOT pay any attention to stock wire colors.... Put the Holley Colors to the pins listed above.

I currently have the power supply to the cam/crank sensor at 5V.... I will report back if it needs to be shifted to 12V

The Factory was around 10V from what I have read. I didn't want to overload the sensors so I ran a line from the TPS signal which is 5V to power up these sensors..... Again... I'll make sure to let you know if that changes.

We are running a 4L80E behind this 250cid Buick.. the Holley has built in transmission control... That is all plugged in and working....

The 80E has a Rossler Trans Brake in it. With the Holley having 80 input/outputs the options are limitless really.
You can configure a "TransBump" Option so you can stage with the brake on.... Have a button on the steering wheel that
triggers a solid state Relay and interupts the TransBrake for milliseconds and allows you to program how it can bump into the second beam in boost. No extra box to buy.. all Logged when your recording your passes!
I have it on my Camaro and it's Fantastic! No more brake holding ...pushing through the lights ect...
Two different RPM limits.... I have this one set for 3450RPM when the trans brake is held.
You can also make a lower RPM limit when the foot brake is on if you choose so you can floor it up to the first beam... Let off the foot brake after you've depressed the Trans brake... and it'll go up to 3450... until you let go.. then the Top RPM limit is there also.

Holley now make a 7x7" dash that you can configure to any gauge... needle style or digital style.. mix and match... IN the next few months it'll be able to real time tune like a laptop as well... Pretty slick.

I'm running the Holley WasteSpark system on this car... It fits pretty much like stock... You can also choose to do the new
"Smart" Coils ... it'll work either way..... I just thought the waste spark was a cleaner look.

I'll attach a "Start Up" File on here as well.

My Email is UR50SLO@aol.com if you have any questions.... I am also a Holley Dealer now....

Hope this helps guys!


Holley on the 2 step at 3400RPM rev limit.... 4L80E on the trans brake about 10psi.... hardly any tuning done yet....
Dominator is SO easy!

I really enjoy working with the Holley as it's all in one box.... no buying box after box to control different drive line systems. With the amount of input/outputs
your only limited by your imagination!

Hope to have some times and video once the tracks open!
Been wanting to go this route, just wanted to see a setup done on a lc2 before i ordered. Btw love the car, got to see it at drag week '13 at bowling green
I can get you all the harnesses and everything you need.... Can also make it plug and play if your not comfortable with the wiring end of it.
Or can help guide you through it.
Like to see more guys running this system... It's really endless what you can do!

Thanks RedSled! Drag Week 2013 was HOT!!!! 95 deg all except for the last day down in bowling green... it was down to 70 that day. We were already ROASTED by then Lol... Still a good time...
Yea it was HOT there that weekend. I was signed up to go with my turbo silverado but was having a few issues and turbo came apart on the dyno day before was supposed to leave. Was just going to run daily driver woth another vehicle and got a call on monday my grandma wasnt doing real well in hospital, came home late monday she passed wed. DW just wasnt meant for me that year.
Oh man that's terrible from every angle.... wow... Sorry on both losses.

Hope you can make it this year wherever it ends up being.... No Dates yet! Hope they announce it soon!
But on a lighter note, my project is dominator on a 87 gn, mild 3.8 engine combo but want to be able to run a 4l80. Was going to run the dominator with unversal harness and take a junk tbi computer, use the part where plugs in off the board, soldee harness ends to circuit board side of computer make a plug and play to my stock harness.
Your on the right track.... For a GN the stock gauge's are kind of worthless anyway. Holley makes a 7x7" Dash now that's able to monitor anything the Holley box does. Can make it display any guauge in any way you choose! Needle style... Number style... big.. small
And in the next month or so they are going to allow a patch where we can touch screen tune from it as well.

What you'll need to decide is if you'll be wanting to stay with a wastespark system that looks more stock or move to the Smart Coils that look and work more like the LS1 stuff. (You'll need to build brackets for that style)
Once you've got that far...
The Universal Holley Harness has several (Sensor) Ends that will need to be cut off and spliced with (GN Style) sensors.
If you get the More factory appearing WasteSpark setup it will come with everything you need to make it work.
The Crank lead is too long... which you cut down and change the pig tail on anyway. (Both cam&crank pig tails need changed)
IAC Pig Tail needs changed
Coolant temp needs changed
IAT is a direct plug in.
TPS needs changed (all these are the end of the plug)*PigTails*
You'll need a Holley 3bar MAP sensor (Direct plug in)
Main Power Harness
4L80 harness

Since you are going 4L80 there really isn't a way to hook up you factory speedo with out going through a lot of hassle.
I Have documented all the wire/pin setups above.
Depending on how many other things you plan on having the Holley control will depend on what all else you need.
Boost control/Trans brake/ Trans Brake Bump... ect.

Sounds like fun!
Thanks for the info, I have done a bunch of ls swaps and other engines and repinning and shortening and lengthening harnesses doesnt scare me. I had ecm problems and kept popping head gaskets in 2011 in my car, and pulled the motor and have slowly been putting it back together, I just want to do it only one time lol. I would log it with power logger had a glitch somwhere where it would jump from comanded timing to 59 degrees in one frame of scan. one of the main reasons I want to go aftermarket stand alone, dont want to chance new motor on stock ecm anymore. As far as trans goes, I have built alot of 4l80e's and they sell a tailhousing that has a spedo gear, just going to do that when i assemble it
Make sure there's also a electrical sender that puts out the right PPM (Pulse Per Mile) like the stock Reluctor wheel did in the 4L80 as it baises it's shift points on speed!
59 Deg of timing will no doubt get you in trouble....
A lot of people skimp on the aftermarket ECM's because of the up front cost... I have several guy's in that boat here at the shop... They are going to tune their Turbo LS's with HPTuners... after a few burn up engine's they will buy a Holley. Lol.
No problem... Glad to help.

The above tune is for the WasteSpark Coils... (Similar to stock) but better...

Stock Cam sensor/crank sensor.... you must sync the Cam sensor 250DEG BTDC.... Not 25deg like the stock setting.

You'll have to put a mark in your ballancer.... I can elaborate more when your close.

You'll need to put your injector size in and proper CID.

The rest should be pretty close for at least a fire up.
Hope that helps!
I looked through the tune looks good. Did you do the dome pressure on the bench for the gate? We will have some ecus going pretty quick from the look of things. Working on a bracket to mount the Waste fire coils in stock location and a PNP type harness but that is a ways off.
I use the Boost control on my Camaro and Love it.... I have a small compressor in the back of my car and a 1 gal tank that stores air.
I feed the two Holley Sol. the compressed air and it regulates boost to the top of the dome.

This Buick Setup worked fine with just a manual controller... It's mostly used on the street and I'm not real sure it actually needs the Holley being in control of boost to do what the owner needs.... I have it enabled in the program... but nothing is hooked up on the boost side of things at the moment.... This is still a internally gated setup anyway... So really I could use one Sol.. and bleed boost off kind of like the stock one would have operated....

This REALLY runs smooth..... Idle is amazing.... Can't wait to see how she does at the track!