Holy Cow! 1 3/8" Rear Sway Bar....

I got the 1 3/8" rear sway bar from Full Throttle today (ultra fast shipping btw). Man is it MASSIVE! Heavy too. I hear it's a repro of the ATR bar.

I can't wait to install it after my car gets back from the body shop!

Anyone else use this rear bar?

I bought the bar last year but never installed it yet. I heard that this bar will crush your factory lower control arms....so install some boxed ones(if you don't have them already)!!!!! Other than upgrading the lower control arms...I've heard very good reviews of this product. I can't wait until spring to get all of my stuff done!
I run the ATR bar, aftermarket lca's, Bilstein shocks, and original 55,000 mile springs. My best 60' is 1.504.