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May 24, 2001
Hey everyone I am in the process of getting ready to make my own cold air intake. I really like buickgn.com's but it is a bit pricey for me right now. I went to Lowes to look at some PVC piping and may try using that. I was wondering if anyone had tried to make one and what materials you used. As always, thanks for the advice.
Check parts for sale

conn84gn had posted a cold air kit for sale back on 1-16 for $90 with a new K&N filter. You could check with him if that fits your budget and he still has it. I have a home made set up now but, bought the one on buickgn.com for the holiday deal he ran. I used 3in abs pipe(painted black) and a 3in pvc( for some reason the abs 90's were too long) 90 and the rubber inside of some band clamps. This was from the mass flow to the front headlight. I used the stock tube from the throttle body to the mass flow.
Here is what I did to mine

This is kinda a little work, but the MAT readings show a huge difference over the outside air to the inside (engine bay) air. Just have to watch out for floods or high water. Good way to grenade a motor.



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That looks pretty cool, What did you do with the evap canister though?

I picked up a Some import brand 3" cone filter from napa and stuck on the end of the MAF pipe for $25, Its still sits inside the engine bay but at least it breaths better now.
cold air kit

Well there are 2 things you can do with the evap canister. I think that someone made a relocation kit for it at one time. Or I just kinda have it sitting right beside the elbow. So I basically just moved it over a little and it just kinda goes along for the ride. Never had any problem with it wanting to leave the car.
if you go to home depot you can make a cold air kit utilizing the stock inlet pipe for $13.62

paint the pipe PVC and no one will know it is plastic

no it will not melt

if you want to upgrade, buy two more rubber couplers from home depot and a 3" 90* mandrel piece from an exhaust shop for another $20

p.s. yes i know the filter is dirty.


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What did you do with the tube that goes to the intake that comes out of the oil fill tube? Did you drill a hole in the PVC pipe? Thanks.
2112 said:
What did you do with the tube that goes to the intake that comes out of the oil fill tube? Did you drill a hole in the PVC pipe? Thanks.
put a filter over it.

or you can just get a small K&N breather.
i did the same like 84ttype last summer
man u can hear that thing sucking the air

i dont drive in the rain but this can be a wet vac :eek:
Well I have the stock snorkel still and...

When I converted to the 87 ecm I put the MAT in the hole that the oil fill hose used to go into. It fit great and looks completely stock. It is also functional and after the burnout I can have temps of up to about 150 degreees in a texas summer. At the end of the track the MAT readings would be down to about 85 degrees. So I know my cold air kit is working.

Jerry Berger
Had an idea for one that I have'nt made yet, let me know if you guys think this will work.
I was going to get a piece of this 3 in high flow flexible ducting hose from http://www.mcmaster.com/ page 190. Then connect it right to the MAF inlet then run it out through the oval hole in front of the evap canister and behind the headlights. Next I was going to use only the top portion of a stock air filter box and mount that behind the head lights. Connect the 3 in hose to it and use a K&N stock replacement filter with a plate to blank off the bottom hole opening. Finally to eliminate any turbulance from the stock pipe between the MAF and the TB I was going to get a piece of aluminum round duct pipe cut it to the proper lenght then let it unroll inside the ribbed section of pipe behing the MAF. This would line and create a smooth surface inside of it without sacrificing any diameter loss.


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