Home made smoke machine-dry ice


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Mar 21, 2004
Anybody try making a smoker for finding vacuum leaks with dry ice and water? Seems if you add dry ice to hot water, it will create smoke. If you place it in a jar with a lid, and a rubber hose stuck in the lid, the smoke should exit the jar and into a vacuum line on your car. Is this too simple to work?
If it don't have a big enough hole for the gas to escape basically you have just made a bomb........:eek::eek: Might want to rethink this one.
What about one of those cheap smoke machines party city sells for halloween. Wonder if that fog juice will hurt anything?

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There's going to be one under your chair if you don't go get that car going.....:biggrin:
Smoke machine

If anyone in the subs of Chicago needs to use one .I do have the redline smoke machine. Im not looking for any cash. pm me or email me