Hot Air Hood Insulator


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Im looking for any information for NOS type 84-85 hood insulators. The only one i found is on e-bay for $400.00, or also from e-bay is aftermarket material that i have to take my hood off and use an adhesive with (not interested in that). Im working on reconditioning mine, and this will definately clean up the engine compartment. Any help would be appreciated for direction in locating a vendor or even someone with just 1 in the box in their basement.
I sold a nos hotair hoodliner a few years ago. It costs $100+ to ship this item. They do not include the turbo heat sheild. For that I purchased one from Mark the cold air kit guy. You should know that water will tear apart the hoodliner, so once you replace it you may not want to drive in the rain. $400 may not be a bad price, that is a rare part.
So, does that mean you have one and will sell it, or was there a fix for using the later model hood pad that i missed in there?
You can use the ones off the 86/87 turbo cars, but you have to cut them and use one of Marks shields to protect them from where the turbo is.
With the original headliner you will need to use a heat shield to protect the hoodliner from getting burned by the turbo. Sorry I do not have any for sale.