Hot Rod Power Tour...This guy was never happier to see some Buicks!

A lot has been done in the 16+ years I have owned the car. I'd say it looks better now than the day I bought it with 143K on the clock. :) The repaint 7 yrs ago helps.
Hahahaha, I followed that "BBEAUTY" 5th gen camaro for quite a few miles between Detroit and to look under the hood in Muskegon as well. Lets just say this guy's taste is not the same as mine....TONS of billet, chrome, and plastic trinkets, covers, etc etc. The theme of the car seems to be "kinda busy".

I saw some of you GN guys (and one GN_GAL) on the highway the first couple legs as well. Was rolling an LS powered black MCSS with the "QUICKED" tags.