How 'bout some help for a rookie?!?


Nice Monte...
I feel so stupid asking these sorta questions...but, being that I'm new at all this, I want to know everything...#1--What is a wategate, and what does it do, and why do I need one?!?...#2--I've heard some people mention having an open downpipe, and it's supposed to sound pretty cool...what does this mean, and if it's so good, how do ya do it?...Thanks.:rolleyes:
Don't Feel stupid...we are all new

What is a wastegate?

It is on the front of your turbo and its job is to control the boost by the amout of vacume that it receives. It has 2 vac lines going to it, and a long arm that goes over the the Exhaust side of the turbo. It connects to a little "flapper" type thing, and some people call a puck over on the exhaust side. This puck seals up a little hole that is before the Turbo Exhaust wheel. When the car enters boost the puck seals the hole shut, and when the car reaches the boost limit (determinded by chip or length of rod) the wastegate pulls the puck out of the hole, and the turbo stops making more boost, and continues making that max amount.

Open Downpipe?

Jack your car up, and climb on under there...(get to know things under will probably spend alot of time down there :) )

Look at the pipe that comes down from the top of the comes down..connects to the cat. converter, and then from the converter it goes to the rest of your exhaust system. What most people do is install a test pipe (pipe that takes place of the Cat converter) and some of these pipes have a little flange on them that you can take off, and let the air flow out. The result of this is somewhat faster spoolup, and at the same time it will let you hear alot of turbo noise.

Any other Questions feel free to ask!
TR 84...thanks for the info...I'm pretty knowledgeable about "regals", having rebuilt the motor in mine twice...but this turbo stuff can get pretty confusing...again, thanks