how do i clean up stock wheels?


Dec 3, 2003
hi i am on a budget (who isn't when you have 3 kids and a wife) and was wondering the best way to clean up stock alm.wheels? the prev. owner(s) i belive painted them and poorly too. i also thought about polishing them. what is the best way to do this? what metareals would i need? do i need to sand blast them? any info or advice would be greatly helpfull.

thanks in advance
POWER WASH!!! HAHAHA. Now it is time to visit your local home depot or other hardware renter, and get that power washer with the interchangable tips. Give it a good blasting, making sure to remove any and all paint. Take a look when you think you are done and then you can decide how to bring back that luster! Each wheel is going to take a while, so be prepared to spend a saturday on the thing. Good luck, HTH!!!

For after you get the wheels clean the first time.
My stock 84 T-Type and 87 GN wheels get waxed when I
wax the cars and cleaned often with McGuires final inspection
spray. My 87T wheels I use wheel cleaner on before washing.

bye, Ed
84 T-Type WH1 15.4@89 stock, 87 T 14.1@97 stock, 87 GN stock 399/400 points
Which wheels do you have?

T or GN. Mine is a T and the wheels had a factory coating on then. This is what I did and you should find a spot to test any method and see what works for you. I used paint stripper on each wheel then a fine sand paper with a buffer wheel and hand polish for a shine. They came out with a shine and with more time( lots of rubbing) could look like chrome.
BAT, did you use any coating after the stripping? As I have found with most aluminum rims, once you remove the original coating, they corrode extremely easily. DO you have pictures of your wheels? I also have the t wheels, but mine are in almost new shape.

I used parts store products and so far they still look good. I have film in the camera but, haven't finished the roll.
ok so i got the power wash but, that is not enough to remove the old nasty paint. i have t wheels. you can check out a pic of my car at the main question that i have now is after i strip the paint and start to polish the wheels do i need to coat it with some kind of clear coat or will a wax do the job? i dont want to have to polish the wheels every day or want them to corrode badly. thanks
Hey gimp he's got a good idea with eastwood they have good stuff, I have used por 15 wheel polishing kit and it's great. They have the stripper, seperate clearcoat and everything. Plus it's guarenteed a lifetime. Go to to check it out.
hay Nathyn,
I have been talking to Nathan from CNY are you the other nathyn he was talking about? What about John with his T and GN. e-mail me we'll talk alittle more.

later John
A friend of mine had his stock wheels reconditioned to absolutely mint condition for $400 CDN. Might be worth looking into in the long run.

Here's a pic with the reconditioned rims:
A buddy of mine has 4 T wheels in GREAT condition that hes selling. Last i heard was $100 for the set w/ tires too i think:eek: Can't beat that. His name on here is Vsix and I got his phone # if you need it. If you need anything else he has a building full of Turbo Regals and can hook ya up.