how do these scanmaster #'s look


May 16, 2012
af 05
l8 41
bat 13.3
int 12.3 - 13
bl 132
clt 190
rpm 775
tps .36 and 4.44 wot
iac 38
cc increase in increments ranging from 6- 12 or so at a time

This is the first reading I've gotten after installing scanmaster and going on a 30 min drive. The car is completely stock at this point with 14,000 miles. I've got a 160 thermostat and vdo boost and temp gauge ready to install. The list of mods I would like to do is fuel pump, hot wire kit, fuel pressure gauge, boost controller, fuel pressure reg, test pipe, intake and injector/chip combo. Not necessarily in that order. The car runs great with the exception of a slight hesitation at takeoff which I'm thinking may be contributed to stock chip and fuel pump. I've been using 93 octane. I was also wondering how much difference a turbotweak chip would make with the stock injectors? I hate to spend money twice but I'm thinking injectors will be further down on my todo list. Should I just get it now? Any advice appreciated.
o2 at idle warmed up were jumping from 200-500 off and on randomly all through that range driving down the street i think it was 890