How do you clean dirty wire brushes?


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Aug 14, 2004
First off- I searched the intrawebz and all I found was grill cleaning crap, and I didn't know what section to post this in, so I figured here is cool.

How do you guys clean dirty wire brushes (the ones that go on die grinders or drills) after you have used them a lot? I know mine get real dirty after usage, and I am not sure how to clean them. I mean you're trying to clean the thing that cleans...kinda at a dilemma of sorts...

Any input/help/tips/tricks is appreciated!


also-ignore the screenname...I signed up for this forum 12yrs ago when I was 17, which it would be obvious to assume what I was into at that time...however it no longer applies, for what it's worth...
Found this on yahoo answers. Hope it helps you. I don't clean brushes so i don't really know.

Get an old can or small container that the end of the brush will fit into. Put the brush into the container and fill with paint thinner or mineral spirits to the top of the bristles. Let soak a few minutes and tap the brush gently against a brick or old scrape of wooden block. Don't be afraid to wash the brush with water.
Obviously you clean it with another wire wheel. Then you'll clean that on with...

Almost like designed obsolescence, but with cleaning. Those wire brush manufacturers are sneaky bastards.
Parts washer. You could steam clean them too.
Solvent works perfect. Put in small container and spin it in the solvent. Use approved parts cleaning solvent. Not anything with a low flash point of any engine fuel or you'll get a big surprise

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I sea.... Thanks guys for the answers! I'm gonna get a small container and put them each in there and after they soak, give them a good spin.
Cheap aerosol carb cleaner and/or brake cleaner works pretty good.