How do you prime the power steering?


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Jul 19, 2006
Just fired the new engine, put half a quart or so of power steering fluid in it, but I still have no power steering. The system was bone dry, including the steering box. Does it just take a while for the air to bubble out? How much fluid should it take?
I installed a new pump and box on my 72 GS. Had to turn the wheel back and forth 20 times or more while engine idling. Starting working a little. Then drove very slowly up and down my driveway (300' long) while turning wheel lock to lock. Did this maybe a dozen times, starting working better. Drove car ever day or so slowly around neighborhood with lots of turns and it finally got to 100%. Been working fine now for 2 years.
jack the front of the car up, and with the engine off turn the wheel al lthe way in both directions a few times. refill the reservoir and do it again. keep doing it until the fluid level stays up.
put the car back on theground and start the engine and keep going lock to lock until it stops bubbling.
this will purge all air and get the fluid flowing.