How many 84gn's are left?

Me too. 84 GN mostly original except for the usual bolt-ons, alky, hot wire FP, etc.. Owned her since 1988, good shape inside and out, runs great. High mileage summer dry daily driver. Unless I'm offered a stupid amount of cash It's not for sale.
Count me in with 84 GN. Rebuilding bottom end right now, front mount intercooler, ta49, 2800 stall, chip, 3 inch downpipe, etc.


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I had an 84 with the astro roof in it and some other options. Loved the car but it idnt love me. I got in a tight spot and had to sell her. I still see it driving around every now and then. I always wanted to know how many with the astroroof were around.
A handful received that option... so not too many. I have seen 3 thus far besides mine.
OK, I'll bite - how many has got to be a guess but I know of at least three in Canada that were bent around a telephone pole or bridge abutment. There were some 200 of the 2000 imported into Canada and only 4 in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area. Mine was originally sold to a Dan Davis from Harvey Pontiac Buick in Pembroke Ontario. I bought it from Dan in October 1988 and have enjoyed it being bone stock ever since. I have driven it to Florida for the winter, the last seven years. I love it just the way it is. In Jan/Feb 2016 a shop in Bonita Springs Florida told me my intake man was cracked so i had a spare blasted and took it to the shop. they said they had cleaned it out thoroughly - BS - two weeks later - bad engine knock. the shop said wrist pin - no biggy so I put in Royal Purple and drove it 1600 mile home. Bottom line - they didn't clean it out well and the oil pickup was 80% clogged. Rods, mains, pistons, cam turbo etc.; all shot. Hope to get it back from the machine shop soon 'cause i want to drive it to Fla again this Halloween.

So sad - but still a committed 1984 GN owner.
Have not been on this forum in a long time but owned mine since 99 restored in 2002 paint and interior redone in correct fabric full conversion to intercooled years ago I get thumb's up all the time I take her out
In 1984 all GN's and some T Types had the Lier seats. I believe the Lier seats were optional in the T's through '85 and possibly '86. Only leather was available in '84 and the T's didn't have the colored turbo 6 logo like the GN, only an outline of the 6. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

I know this is an ANCIENT thread but I have an 84 t type with standard cloth buckets. Pallex material like the later cars but brown. I believe it's original but don't know. What's the RPO codes for these options?
Old thread. I've been away from the forum a while. Not sure why. I drive my 84 weekly. It's got 140k on it. Not stock but still hot air. I hit the drag strip maybe 5 times a year.

This August I won our local turbo event called turbo thunder. We we're bracket racing so I wasn't the fastest but I was super consistent and did accidentally pull a 12.80 on a 13 dial in. Luckily the other guy red lit.

This winter I'll tune it to run sup 12.5 and see how it likes that.
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Minus 1 ... 9-11-16, She got rear ended and careened into the median. Parted the wreck, many usable parts went to '84 owners and the engine lives on in my '85.


I have a video on the '84's, I think from the speed chanel about how the '84 GN, with some tweaking, were as fast or faster than a lot of 60's muscle cars, but with better gas milage.

Factory 0-60 same as a '64 Ford Galaxie 500XL with the dual 4BBL 427, oddly enough. So should whup it in the 1/4 mile. Those Fords were kinda heavy, def better mileage. :D