How many 84gn's are left?

Old thread. I've been away from the forum a while. Not sure why. I drive my 84 weekly. It's got 140k on it. Not stock but still hot air. I hit the drag strip maybe 5 times a year.

This August I won our local turbo event called turbo thunder. We we're bracket racing so I wasn't the fastest but I was super consistent and did accidentally pull a 12.80 on a 13 dial in. Luckily the other guy red lit.

This winter I'll tune it to run sup 12.5 and see how it likes that.
What have you done to it to pull a 12.80?
What have you done to it to pull a 12.80?
The list is long regarding what's been done to the car. But to get below 13 I increased boost and added fuel until I needed something else to add more boost and fuel. So I ended up with alky, 60lb injectors, ta33 turbo, and all the stuff to monitor parameters while I hit the boost.

I think it's more important to have a happy car with no knock than have any specific parts.
In case you haven't seen this.

Jerry - I heard you might be the best Houston hot air expert. Do I have the right guy? I'm in Houston, and am having a problem with my '84 T. You free to talk? 281.745.3761 - Drake [Of course, anyone that has knowledge about this car in particular what appears to be an ignition issue, I'd appreciate your help - thanks]
Try the crank sensor, better upgrade to a '86-'87 sensor. Also fuel pressure, coil pack and check to see if it's getting any fire.

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I should probably tell more about what's going on - the car starts just fine. As you accelerate the car sputters a bit almost like the timing is off. The car can be driven but if you play a bit with the accelerator, again, it sputters. I unplugged the MAF while parked and the car bogged down immediately. So, while idling I believe the MAF is working properly. Should I focus on the coil pack? Thoughts? I have had this car since HS. This car is great except when it's not working! Thanks!