How much are the stock SY TY manifolds and crossover pipe worth?

Brian whats up? This is Jeff from MD you sent me all the parts for my trans in my GN about 3 years ago. These are Denny Rabbs Manifolds. I think you know him and Bob Galla from being at KS. Was wondering what there worth he wants to sell them so. I was going to put them on Ebay. I just wanted to know a fair price to start with.
Hey Jeff, How have you been? Having fun I hope. Yep, I know Bob and Denny. Both are cool guys. I know the dealerships can't get these anymore and that they need them in some cases like if the intercooler leaks down and cracks the manifold. Happened to a buddy of mine and the dealership was scrambling to get a new or used set. I don't know of many people that actually need stock manifolds or crossover pipes. I'd say $200-$300 would be fair. You might put a $200 reserve on them if you post up on eBay and if they don't sell, post them for sale here or another site. They are common enough that they won't fetch a high price like an intake upper and lower intake but you can help someone in need by having them available. Good luck and it was nice hearing from you again.