how much boost from a gt3255e?


Jun 7, 2005
just put on my new gt3255e turbo, and a adj wastegate actuator. my down pipe got backordered and they cant tell me when ill see it :( so im usin the stock elbow, what i believe to be a postons stock replacement dp and some really poor, not mandrel bent 3" singleshot, with a flowmaster :mad: . anywho, this new turbo wont go beyond 15lbs o boost with this new reg turned all the way in. my factory turbo with the same setup, except the actuator, would spike 18lbs and run 15 but it wasnt even close to bein in all the way. could the vacuum hose between actuator and turbo cause it if routed wrong? im not sure on that tee if its in right, i just put it in the way it came out but this car has been messed with b4 igot it and nothin else has been right on it so far.
That turbo will make 30lbs of boost,so your problem lies in the control. I'd get a RJC boost controller for about$35 and be done with it. No more solenoid and orific fiting,you can hide it and still retain stock apperence if you like.
The 3255 likes high boost. I also was running 27-29 pounds with high timing and had very good results.